Sunday, March 30, 2014

'Hunger Games' star Dayo Okeniyi to star in 'Terminator: Genesis'

'Hunger Games' star Dayo Okeniyi to star in 'Terminator: Genesis'
Los Angeles: `Hunger Games` star Dayo Okeniyi has been casted in Arnold Schwarzenegger starrer `Terminator: Genesis`.

The 25-year-old actor, best known for his role of Thresh in `The Hunger Games`, will be playing the son of Miles Dyson, reportedly.

Dyson was the man directly responsible for the creation of deadly machine Skynet. He later helps the protagonist to destroy the dangerous communication system that would cause the war between human and machine. He was played by Joe Morton in the previous film.

The plotline of `Terminator: Genesis` is yet to be told, however, Schwarzenegger will reprise his role as the terminator.

The reboot will be the first installment of a new franchise. Emilia Clarke will play Sarah, Jason Clarke portrays her son John, and Jai Courtney stars as his father Kyle Reese.

Directed by `Thor: The Dark World` helmer Alan Taylor, it will arrive on July 1, 2015

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