Sunday, March 30, 2014

Yami Gautam – The new 'Babuji' on Twitter

Yami Gautam – The new 'Babuji' on Twitter
Zee Media Bureau/ Aparna Mudi

New Delhi: `Vicky Donor` star Yami Gautam, is trending on the micro-blogging website, Twitter, reminiscent of the `Babuji` jokes a few months ago.

Yami Gautam had featured in a fairness cream advertisement some time ago, and for some reason suddenly the actress started trending on Twitter facing severe backlash.

Many of the Twitterati have posted interesting jokes, and one liners about Yami. Here are some of them:

“Is Yami Gautam the reason for Yuvi`s form. Her glow did enlighten his mind. well done! Yuvi. #IndvsAus “

“Micheal Jackson was born black, he turned Yami Gautam years later “

“ Yami Gautam to star in Hindi Remake of Snow White.. “

“There is new fairy tale in town - #YamiGautam and the seven dwarfs “

“#Yami Gautam is so white that even milk looks black in front of her.“

“NASA is sending Yami Gautam to the space to recharge all their solar cell panels up there. #YamiGautam “

“When Yami Gautam went to watch Test series , test series was white washed.. “

“When Yami Gautam`s family play chess and they can`t find some pieces, they make her the White Queen. “

“Humans have two types of blood cells: 1) Red Blood cells 2) Yami Gautam blood cells “

Although the ads claim that the product is for skin lightening, it still shows that fair skin girls have more confidence, hence more successful. There has been a recent trend of opposing racism in the ad world by the urban community with several NGOs raising awareness and campaigns against the racist ads.

The question remains whether Yami will take this backlash as well as Alok Nath took. Alok Nath spoke to Zee News about his trending status in January when `Babuji` was trending.

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